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Service a Priority, Yet Remain Best Practices Compliant

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Legacy National’s level of expertise allows us to provide a superior experience for our clients. Our team covers the Continental United States, using a combination of speed, accuracy, and technology to ensure a smooth transaction while maintaining a high level of personalized customer care; Focusing on our clients’ needs with thoughtful and tailored services.

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Extensive property searching, careful abstracting and thorough tax searches.  All provided quickly and in a simple format. ALTA Best Practices compliant.

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Safely and securely hold and disburse monies as payments are due for taxes constructions draws, and deposit distribution, as well as using technological solutions to securely receive and send guaranteed wire transfers up to $1,000,000.  

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Utilizing a cloud management system with paperless document storage ensures optimum security. Cutting edge transaction Management software keeps all parties updated in real-time.

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Secure portal for sensitive information exchange. PII Training and employee phishing campaigns to combat would-be scammers.



"They have their client’s (whether it be the realtor, attorney, mortgage company, or buyer/seller) interests at heart when building out their security protocols both for wire fraud and cybersecurity."

-Mike Rankin,
Loan Originator


"I am always thrilled to have Legacy National on the other side!"

-Colleen A. Dooley,


"Despite their best efforts, none can truly compare with the level of precision or professionalism that Legacy National Corporation exhibits, especially in time-sensitive transactions."

-Joseph Villano,